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Unique, exclusive, marzipan sweets with different delicious filling and is handmade by our specialist confectioners. This is an amazing combination of tastes, a real treat for any sweet tooth. Currently our bestseller.




Marzipan souvenirs. This candy is decadent not just to the palate but to the eye as well. Here marzipan with a special food coloring is made into a piece of beautiful deliciousness in your hands. Talented artists worked to make a precise, exquisite vision of Tallinn, to keep as a great memory or treat for every tourist visiting Estonia. Individual and mass orders are welcome.






Some say mixing business with pleasure is taboo, we tend to disagree. With our marzipan business cards, you can spread your contact information in a very sweet way. Literally! A great gift idea at corporate events! Individual and mass orders are welcome.


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